Q server

tool runtime config

There is an object toolRuntimeConfig that gets passed to the tool service for every rendering info request. Before that, it can get altered at several points in the flow. The toolRuntimeConfig will get merged in the following order by overwriting the former in case of clashes.

  1. options passed to the @nzz/q-server/plugins/core/rendering-info plugin on register, filtered by target and tool on runtime
  2. as a query parameter or payload object to rendering-info endpoint

We use this the 1. option to pass the toolBaseUrl to the tool in case the client side js code of a tool needs to do additional requests to itself as the tool does not have knowledge about the URL to access itself otherwise. This knowledge is only available in Q server during runtime in our setup. Yours could vary here of course. Use this for any runtime information that needs to be available in your tool.